The TSC Travel soccer program provides a highly competitive training and playing environment for those players who have the necessary skills, athletic ability, and commitment to the game of soccer. It involves a substantial commitment of time, energy and money – from both the player and his/her family. Unlike intramural soccer where everyone gets to join a team regardless of playing ability, making the roster and staying on the roster of a travel team is totally dependent on the individual’s skills and athletic abilities.

For more information about the TSC travel soccer program, please contact our travel coordinator Dan Vaitis at


Time Commitment

If the player is accepted on a team, the “formal” commitment is for one year. Most TSC teams operate on a 9-11 month per year program. This includes outdoor league play in the fall and spring, indoor play in the winter, as well as training camps and tournaments throughout the summer and fall. TSC encourages its travel players (especially its younger ones) to participate in other sports. But keep in mind that travel teams also expect their players to give preferential treatment to their games versus other sports.


Travel team participation can be expensive. Costs can include league and club fees, uniforms, shoes and other gear, travel and lodging costs to out-of-town tournaments. The costs can vary from team to team, ranging from $200 to well over $500. Many travel teams undertake fund-raising activities to help defray the costs.