2011 Liverpool

**Liverpool is looking for a full time or part time keeper going forward.  Please reach out to the coaches or any of our players/families with interest and/or questions.**
The TSC Liverpool team was formed in 2019 at U9 and has enjoyed a nice run growing together into 11v11 this 2023 Fall season.  We play 1 or 2 August tournaments and sometimes one in October.  We play the low key and fun indoor league at XL Sports over the winter, and some of the boys do additional training on their own in spring and early summer (often provided by the club) while playing other sports.  We are a fairly low cost, competitive Division 3 team that values sportsmanship and learning to play the beautiful game the right way.
Tournament Stats:
2019 Colleen Reilly Runners Up
2022 Colleen Reilly Champs, Jack Walsh Memorial Champs, and Division 4 ISCL Champs
2023 Colleen Reilly Champs

Coached by Chris Heckler hecklerc76@gmail.com and Jeremy Miller jermil24@gmail.com