2010 Flames

Team Info

The TSC Flames kicked off with an undefeated 2019 season and have continued to be successful every year since, climbing the ICSL from Division 5 to Division 1. This 2010 team finished third in Division 1 in 2021, and competed well in several tournaments. The Flames kept their skills sharp in the 2022 XL Sports winter league and look forward to getting back outside for the ICSL spring season.

We are a grassroots affordable club that competes and constantly pushes our kids to be competitive.  We are a three-team sports club, as it's called.  We feel it's important for the kids to see and play all sports but we have optional soccer year-round for our team.  Fall is the most important season which is mandatory for us.  At other times of the year, we participate in different fun leagues or tournaments, like the Wildwood Beach Blast.

Anyone interested in joining this fun and hard working group of girls and coaches is encouraged to contact either Coach Paul Gilliam at (346) 831-5700 / paulgilliam7@gmail.com or Coach Cliff Gratz at (610) 213-1309 / cliff.gratz@verizon.net.

Coach Info

Paul Gilliam

My goal in coaching is to instill a love of soccer in my players. I believe you can enjoy soccer at many levels, and while I push the team to perform at the highest levels they can, and have been successful moving them from division 5 to division 1, I put the most emphasis on effort. I'm confident that if you asked any of the girls on the team what I care about most, the answer will not be winning, but how much effort they put into each game and the respect they show for everyone on the pitch.
  • Originally from Spring, Texas played travel premier soccer from youth through U19
  • Played college at Lone Star College and the University of Houston
  • Played under J.R. Lee for over 9 years
  • I am a Graphic Artist who works with Pharma
  • I have a wonderful wife who supports my dreams and love of coaching along with 3 kids, 7-year-old boy, 3-year-old girl, 5-month-old girl.

Cliff Gratz

  • Originally from the King of Prussia Area and played travel soccer 2nd - 10th grade
  • College Soccer at Millersville and West Chester University
  • Still play recreational soccer in Men’s leagues
  • I currently Manage a Sales Team in the Northeast but continue coaching youth soccer as much as possible in my free time.
  • Married, Father of 3 kids, and tolerates a big goofy Rottweiler.