Sunday Select

If you have considered trying out for a travel team but not sure if you would be a good “fit”, you might consider playing Sunday Select Softball. This league will give you a good understanding of the competitive nature and endurance level of travel softball – without committing to playing travel.

Sunday Select is traditionally made up of "all-star" softball players.  It is played during the Spring season, and as the name implies, all games are played on Sunday.

The Select season is between 8 to 10 weeks long. The season ends with a tournament, often held towards the end of June. Qualifying games are played on the Saturday of the tournament to determine team rankings (and seeding) for the Sunday championship play.  Each team will play up to 3 games on Saturday; Sunday is a "knock-out" round. If your team loses, the season is over.

Try-outs are held for each team; rosters consist of 13 to 15 players.

For all information, rules and schedules relating to all levels of Sunday Select, please feel free to contact at