MAJORS Softball (12U)

In the Majors, the level of competition goes up another notch. An emphasis is placed on further developing the player's skills, both athletically and socially, with a strong emphasis on developing a complete knowledge of the game. The girls handle all the pitching at this level and games are umpired by a Little League USA/ASA (Amateur Softball Association) sanctioned-official.

Like the Minors League, all girls will participate in a "Player Evaluation Day” before the start of the season. The coaches will evaluate each girl's batting, fielding, throwing and, if requested, pitching skills. Coaches will then form team rosters based on the evaluation day player ratings, as well as general knowledge about the player from previous year's coaches. A "Selection Style” approach is used to ensure a balance of player skills across all teams within the division.

Scores and standings are kept, and an end-of-the-season tournament or playoff session is scheduled to crown a division champion. All Majors home games are played at Field Number 3 at Bustard Park. There will also be "away" games that will require some travel (no more than a 20 to 25-minute drive). A total of 12 regular season games are held along with additional playoff games.

A special tryout is held in late May to pick a Towamencin All-Stars team to represent TYA in the Pennsylvania District 22 Little League Tournament held in late June. Click here for more information: