Quick-Ball (Ages 4-6)

Instructional League

Quick-Ball is an introductory, non-competitive league intended primarily for first-year players (typically ages 4, 5 or 6). Note: some second-year players participate based on their coaches’ evaluations and skill development.

Since Quick-Ball is set at the Instructional League level, emphasis is on skill development and knowledge of the game. No score or standings are kept, and there are no playoffs. Coaches are very involved on the field during these games. Players will hit off a batting tee for the first half of the year and are exposed to coach-pitch after Memorial Day.

Games are played on a 50-foot diamond (approximately). Rather than use a traditional batting tee, a special low-impact foam ball is used to teach the fundamentals of catching, fielding and hitting a thrown ball. Each player is provided a plastic bat and ball so they may play in their backyards between games and formal practices. A weekly progression of skill development goals is followed to ensure maximum fun and measurable improvement in both player skill and baseball aptitude. This league also features an All-Star Day skills competition during the TYA Softball/Baseball All-Star Day event.

These two programs have enjoyed considerable success over many decades, providing a fun, family-oriented environment for the casual player, as well as highly competitive opportunities for the committed player. By combining resources, the Hatfield-Towamencin Baseball organization will enable us to continue providing a superior baseball program for many years to come.


Quick-Ball typically begins at the end of March and runs through early- to mid-June.


Several practices are held at the beginning of the season to teach game fundamentals while reviewing the rules of the league.


Play typically gets underway during the first or second week of April, depending on weather and field conditions. Two to three games are scheduled per week; weeknight games begin at 6 p.m. and weekend games are held on Saturdays beginning at 10 a.m.