Connie Mack

Connie Mack Baseball is a community baseball league set up for boys ages 13-16 and is played on a regulation, full-sized baseball field with 90' bases and a 60' 6" pitcher's mound. The league is administered by a Board of Directors that works to maintain the integrity of community baseball and sets rules that govern league play. Each organization has a defined territory from where it may draw players.

Towamencin Connie Mack was started in 1973 and participates in the Bux-Mont Division of The Pennsylvania Connie Mack Baseball League. In December 2016, the Hatfield Connie Mack and Towamencin Connie Mack programs joined forces to form the Hatfield-Towamencin Connie Mack program.

Pennsylvania Connie Mack was formed in 1953 and has two divisions, the Bux-Mont and the Lehigh Valley divisions. At the end of the year, Pennsylvania Connie Mack holds a year-end tournament with the top teams from each "A” League competing for the title of State Champion. Towamencin was the winner of the State Title in 1996, 2014 and 2016.
Currently there are 27 organizations in the Bux-Mont Division which comprises Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

The League maintains a website at There you will find additional information on the teams in the league, directions to their fields as well as rules governing the league. There is also a link to the Lehigh Valley Division, which has approximately 30 organizations spread over Lehigh, Northampton and Monroe Counties.

The Bux-Mont Division also sponsors play in a Senior Connie Mack League for young men between the ages of 17-35. This league is grouped into two divisions: the Sullivan Division for young men ages 17-19 and the Hostelley Division for young men ages 19-35. There are no territorial restrictions in Senior Connie Mack and organizations are free to draw players from wherever they may find them. Hatfield-Towamencin Senior Connie Mack teams have won several titles since the league started to include the Hostelly Division title in 2004 & 2005 and the Sullivan Division title in 2009.

Program Structure:

Bux-Mont Connie Mack sponsors play in 5 leagues every year:

  • A League – Our highest level, this division is comprised of mainly 15- and 16-year-olds. The "A” teams play a 20-game regular season schedule. League standings determine the teams that qualify to participate in an end-of-the-year tournament to crown the League Champion and to qualify for the State Tournament. Each organization in the league must field one "A” team.
  • B1 League – This is a highly competition league as well. The age group is basically the same as the "A” league and teams play a 16 to 18 game schedule. Standings determine which teams qualify to participate in an end-of-year tournament to crown a League Champion.
  • B League – This league is also comprised of 14- to 16-year-olds. Teams play a 14 to 16 game schedule. Standings determine which teams qualify to participate in an end-of-year tournament to crown a League Champion.
  • C1 League – This league is comprised of mostly 13 -year-olds who are considered to have successfully transitioned to the full-sized baseball field and are seeking a higher level of competition. As with the B1 League, standings determine which teams qualify for an end-of-year tournament that results in the crowning of a League Champion.
  • C League – This league is set up to facilitate a transition from the smaller baseball fields to the full-sized regulation fields. The league is comprised of 13- and 14-year-olds. Teams play a 14-game schedule and may participate in a year end tournament by paying a fee. Standings determine which teams qualify to participate in an end-of-year tournament to crown a League Champion. Towamencin won this tournament in 2008, 2010 and 2013.

Program Philosophy:

Our goal is to provide the boys of this organization with a quality baseball experience. That experience encompasses everything from the organization of our program, to player selection, to the condition of the fields to the uniforms that we wear. While all that is important; we also stress that it must be fun.

We also try to instill a goal-oriented approach to the game that demonstrates the value of practice and commitment. An old proverb stipulates that “If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well”. Baseball is a competitive sport that requires work and practice to achieve even a modest level of success. Participation in baseball at this level requires not only a commitment from the player, but also the parents. Games are no longer just around the corner. Parents will have to drive players to games that are sometimes 30 to 45 minutes away. We expect a certain level of effort from each player. We will attempt to motivate the boys to willingly put forth that effort. The bottom line is that we try to strike a balance between fun and work.

Team Selection Criteria:

There are several factors that go into determining how a player is assigned to a team. The following guidelines generally apply:

  • A Team – Selection is based on merit and the needs of assembling a complete team. We normally carry 12 players on an A team and we select based on the best players to provide coverage for all positions. There have been occasions where capable players have been left off of the "A” team due to an overabundance of players at one or two positions, while "less talented” players make the team because they have the ability to play positions that the "more capable” players do not. While talent is important, we need to have players that know how to play certain positions in the field. Playing time is a secondary consideration as a 14-year-old may have the talent to play at the "A” level but may not see the playing time to which they are accustomed. If we feel that this may the case – we will often decide to keep a younger player on the B1 team so they will be able to play a greater number of innings and continue their development.
  • B1 Team - This is a league designed for future "A” players. Selection is based on merit. Criteria is the same as the "A” team with the added consideration of selecting players that will play at the "A” level the next season. Most (but not all) of the 16-year-olds that are not selected for the "A” team will play here as well.
  • B Team - The B level is an intermediate level within the Connie Mack league structure. All 15-year-olds in the program have to play at this level or higher. This level is traditionally made up of 14- and 15-year-olds.
  • C1 Team - The C1 level is primarily for 13-year-olds that are used to playing baseball at a higher level. All 13-year-olds will be evaluated for selection to this team.
  • C Team – Any 13- and 14-year-old players who do not desire or are not selected for the C1 team will play at the C level. If there are enough players to form two teams, players will be split evenly (by ability) between the two teams.

Please keep in mind that the criteria listed above are guidelines. The only hard and fast rules are that we take the best players that make up the best team for the "A” level and that all 15-year-olds must play at the B level or higher. Everything else is based on the "needs of the program” and what would be best for each player. For example, 13-year-olds play at the "C1" or "C” level. On occasion, we have placed 13-year-olds at the "B” level because the "C” teams had an ample number of players and the "B” teams were short players. As a result, several 13-year-olds were offered the opportunity to play at the "B” level to round out their rosters.

We have had other situations where players did not advance to the next level with some of their peers. While we certainly understand the desire to play with one’s friends, the bottom line is that the player must have the skills to compete at that level. Baseball is a complex game, and we strive to put our best players on teams where they will have the best opportunity to succeed. We never want to see a player overmatched at the plate and wind up with an "0 for the Season”, or are not be able to contribute to his team defensively.