Program Levels

Instructional Level (ages 7 & 8)

Here is where the basics are taught, focusing on a complete introduction to the game. New players practice the fundamentals: dribbling, passing, shooting & rebounding. The focus is on learning the fundamentals of the game, but some competitive play may be introduced late in the season. Game play may be introduced later in the season (at the discretion of the coaches). All help is volunteered.

Intermediate Level (ages 9 and 10)

We continue to reinforce the basics, along with the importance of learning the rules. In addition, competitive game play increases (games are refereed by a volunteer referee).  All players are evaluated based on their skill level; a draft system is used to form teams.  Playoffs can take place at this level, but team-play and sportsmanship are key. A paid PIAA Referee is used for all games.

Minors Level (ages 11-13 years old)

While the basics continue to be reinforced at this level, competitive play increases. The games are refereed by one paid PIAA official. More advanced offense and defense formations are introduced, but focus continues on team play and sportsmanship. The ages accepted for this level will be from 11 to 13 years old.

Major Level (ages 14-18 years old)

Emphasis continues on practice skills and knowledge of the game -- just at a higher level. The competitive level is high; reinforced by sportsmanship at all levels (including players, coaches, parents, and fans). PIAA sanctioned referees are contracted to officiate the games.