Become a TYA Volunteer!

TYA is a volunteer-led and volunteer-driven youth organization. Every year, we depend on and appreciate the everlasting contributions of the hundreds of individuals who devote time from their busy workdays, weekends and evenings to ensure young athletes have an opportunity to play the sport they love.

Volunteers are important, influential, powerful and game-changing. They foster positive experiences for youth athletes so they can acquire the inherent values that sports activities teach – sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and self-control. Without them, our games could not be played.

Here’s what our volunteers do for us:

  • Increase participation. Participation in extracurricular sports significantly impacts short- and long-term educational, emotional, behavioral and physical outcomes for kids. Our volunteers allow TYA to thrive by devoting their time and energy to ensure young athletes have an opportunity to get involved and reap the benefits of being a part of a community.
  • Strengthen local communities. TYA volunteers not only fortify our youth sports; they also strengthen the communities in which they serve. Beyond being visible leaders, educators and administrators, they provide the nuts and bolts that allow our youth teams to function, such as lining the field, setting up and tearing down events, or announcing games. Their efforts are felt throughout entire communities and provide a sense of local pride.
  • Serve as mentors. Our volunteers, especially coaches, have a strong influence upon youth athletes. In addition to being tasked with developing better players, they also serve as role models by promoting healthy living, social responsibility and education. As mentors, they are molding well-rounded individuals who learn the principles of arduous work, self-confidence, leadership, resilience and teamwork.
  • Best of all, they keep the sport thriving. TYA’s future will always be connected to the volunteers who help push it forward. Their devotion keeps our sports flourishing and maximizes the experience for athletes everywhere. Without their support, the game would not exist. 

So, don’t just sit there. Get in the game! Sign up to become a TYA volunteer today!

Remember, this organization does not exist without volunteers, so get involved! Your help and support can really make a difference!