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For those new to our Fall Program, we offer an Intramural Program for players age 4-11. Practices are held during the week with games played on the weekends only, (except for Quickball and Coach Pitch which are Saturday only programs).  We have structured this to avoid conflicts with our Intramural Soccer program.  If your child plays Intramural Soccer, they should be able to participate in our Fall Baseball program.  If you have to miss Baseball for the end of year Soccer tournament – that is fine. Just let your Coach know and the Baseball game can be rescheduled if enough players are missing.  Practices for the Inter-Community and Connie Mack divisions begin in late August.  Games begin for all programs after Labor Day and play concludes at the end of October.

The Intramural Program will be either “in-house” or Inter-Community. In-house is similar to our Spring season in that all the players are registered in our program and all of the practices and games take place on our fields, (Bustard Park).  At the older levels, we play an Inter-Community schedule where games will be played against teams from other programs. We practice on our fields during the week, but when games not played at home, they will be played at the fields of other programs. Other programs participating include Whitpain Rec, Nor-Gwyn, Harleysville, Methacton, Amber Jr Baseball and Montgomery Twp.

For this Fall, we are offering the following five (5) levels for players 4-11 years old:

  • Quickball (Ages 4-6) This will be an in-house program using the Practice/Game format. This is a Saturday morning only program which is designed to not to conflict with Soccer.
  • A- Coach Pitch (Ages 6-7) This will also be an in-house program. This is a Saturday morning only program which is designed to not to conflict with Soccer.
  • AA Player Pitch (Ages 7-8) This is an Inter-Community League and is a Player-Pitch League, played on a 46/60 Field (46’ mound/60’ basepaths), and is similar to our Spring AA Division. This League is designed to introduce players to pitching from the mound and hitting against other players.
  • Minors (Ages 8-9) This is an Inter-Community League and is also played on a 46/60 Field, and is similar to our Spring Minors Division. This League is designed to refine the skills of older players in a competitive environment.
  • Majors (Ages 10-11) This is an Inter-Community League and is played on a 50/70 Field and is similar to our Spring Majors Division. This League is designed to introduce players to the larger transitional 50/70 field. Leads and Pick-offs are introduced within the context of a competitive environment.
For Players 12 and older, we offer our Fall Connie Mack program
  • Connie Mack C – designed to introduce players to the “Major League” sized field (60′ mound / 90′ base paths).  Meant for players who are 12 years old and will be playing Connie Mack next year or players entering 7th Grade in September.
  • Connie Mack B – for returning Connie Mack players (13-16 yrs old)

Our Summer Travel Teams also practice and play in the Fall. What each team does is coordinated by their respective Coach and differs throughout the program. If your Travel Team had a busy Summer and is not going to be very active this fall, please consider playing in our Inter-Community program. While not at the level of a Travel Program, it does offer opportunities to learn new positions or work on the areas where a player may need improvement.

One thing that is different with our Fall Program is that unlike our Spring Program, registration is limited as there are a lesser number of teams. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis and we limit the number of players on each team to 13. Typically we field 2-3 teams in each of the AA, Minors and Majors Divisions. We accept a total of 26-39 registrations for each of those divisions. If there are enough players on a Waiting List to field another team at a certain level, we will add an additional team to that division as long as we are able to provide adequate coaching. If you intend to register your player for the Fall, please do so as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of either being placed on a Waiting List or not being able to play at all.

Another reason registration closes sooner than in the Spring is uniforms.  For the Fall season we supply shirts and hats only.  They still need to be ordered and printed in time for our first games on the Saturday after Labor Day.

As with anything, we are always looking for volunteers to help. Volunteers supply the horsepower for our program and the more we have – the better we operate. If you are contemplating getting involved, the Fall season is a good time since the commitment is not as great as the Spring or Summer season.

If you have any questions on the Fall Baseball program, please feel free to e-mail me at richmarino2@comcast.netIf you intend to register your player – please do so at your earliest opportunity.